Once a week until the November Election, I will be taking one of the positions from my Ward 2 Positions Paper and expanding on it a bit further. Here goes:

I have spent the past several months walking door to door listening to the feedback of the Ward Two residents. In addition, I have followed up with an email to any residents that has asked for specific information regarding a particular city issue. I pledge to continue that effort when elected.

I know how important it is to respond to constituent inquiries and I realize not everyone is on Facebook or has email access.  Therefore I am providing multiple ways to reach out:

1. Attendance to neighborhood meetings 
2. Telephone number 978-744-3182
3. Dedicated email 
4. Real time newsletter which will provide an update on actions taken on the council
I understand the most important job of a Ward Councillor is being responsive to your inquiries. Please feel free to make other suggestions on how we can improve communication if I am successful in November. I will be with your support.

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