Ward 2 Positions

As your Ward 2 Councilor, I understand the importance of listening, researching and taking action on issues and concerns from the residents of Ward 2.

I have spent the past several months walking door to door listening to the feedback of the Ward Two residents. In addition, I have followed up with an email to any residents that has asked for specific information regarding a particular city issue. I pledge to continue that effort when elected.

City Council Meetings
I will create a Ward 2 web page that will provide a real time – quick summary of the council meeting actions and expand, in details, on the council actions that directly affect Ward 2.

I am reachable by phone, email or through social media and shall remain so throughout my city council service.

Basic Constituent Services
Clearly the Ward Councilor position represents your voice within City of Salem government. I am familiar with the operations and department within the city government. I will address your needs regarding any issue, especially the following:

I pledge to those neighborhoods who have signed petitions, and that are supported by the police, for residential parking to get these ordinances introduced and supported by the City Council. I will make this one of my first actions.

I will have the City’s DPW address the problem of dead trees, dangerous branches, lack of tree planting, root system effecting sidewalks, and tree wells that are not maintained.

I will work with any resident that has dangerous sidewalk issues – whether their sidewalk is brick, asphalt or cement. Safety should be our number one concern.

Trash Barrels
I will investigate the reasoning behind a policy in Salem that residents that request a smaller trash barrel need to be over the age of 70 or have a physical disability.

Road Repairs and Potholes
I will work with the DPW to ensure that potholes on specific roads are not the result of deterioration of underground utilities.

I will be the voice for education on the city council. With two adult children that attended public schools, I understand the importance of education. Good schools is the foundation of any successful community and they is important to everyone.

We need responsive and responsible development. The city should encourage developers and support projects that repurpose and improve buildings in our ward that reflect the fabric of the community and integrate the concerns of the neighborhood.

In the downtown, there need to be a transparent and thoughtful community plan articulated for the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM). As residents of Salem, we should have information on what, how and where the PEM plans are concerning the development of the large commercial space that they currently control in our downtown.

Council on Aging
As we transition from the old Council on Aging to the new Council on Aging both located within Ward 2. The following needs to be considered:

– The City need to address the physical buildings and the plans for reuse of the former council on aging on Broad Street.

– The City needs to create a vision for programing and activities that will enhance the quality of life for 17% of our population.

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