On Sunday, October 22,  Scott and Val Hiltunen opened their home at 18 East Collins Street. I was fortunate to meet a wonderful group of neighbors.  Among them was Mrs. Sosnowski of Conner Road- Former Ward 2 Mike Sosnowski’s aunt. This week she will be celebrating her 94th birthday, a wonderful accomplishment. Unfortunately, like other Ward 2 residents, she had some issues with missed doctor appointments because of the Council on Aging ride failing to pick her up. I know that we have a new Council on Aging Director, Terry Arnold, who I hope can address these issues.

Other neighbors were from Beacon Street. They were concerned with a parking problem created by the popularity of the new pickleball court. I am looking for suggestions on how we can educate visitors from other parts of the City to be respectful of the side streets and try to park along the seawall.

We also discussed the future of the Ward 2 Social Club and future development. The general consensus among the neighbors is that they feel that they have been neglected. As Ward 2 City Councillor, I will work hard to represent every part of the ward so no one feels that they are being neglected.

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