Sanctuary City Issue

I believe that it is helpful for the community to have a dialogue on this issue – neighbor to neighbor, not just to enact an ordinance that is left open to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. No policies or laws will be changed with respect to the Sanctuary City Ordinance. Instead, it is a reinforcement of the policies which already exist in Salem – it is merely a referendum.

It is my hope that the passage of this ordinance would not change how we currently treat or interact with any Salem resident.  I feel that its introduction was an attempt by the City Council and the Mayor to voice Salem’s position regarding the importance of the intolerance of hate.  The process, however, has not been well executed.  Instead the ordinance has caused misunderstanding and division – the very things we were trying to avoid.

The ordinance has become an emotional issue due to the lack of understanding its purpose.  The city has become divided due to this lack of understanding and discussion.  It is now important that each voter express their views at the ballot box.  Once this is done, a full discussion can take place and the City Council can enact the true will of the people they represent.

I am, therefore, stating clearly again today that I will be voting Yes for the referendum, with the understanding that any future ordinance will be crafted with the views of the residents foremost in mind.


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