I attended the CPA hearing for ideas from the public for the funding of FY18 Community Preservation Act projects.  Jane Guy provided a presentation on the CPA which will be available this week on Salem.com.   The following were the projects funded under FY17:

  • $45,000 Nathaniel Hawthorne State Restoration
  • $260,000 Charter Street Cemetery Restoration
  • $42,500 Turner-Ingersoll Mansion Roof Replacement
  • $75,000 Ryan Brennan Memorial Skate Park
  • $27,000 Palmer Cove Park Assessment & Concept Plan
  • $95,000 Saltonstall School Playground
  • $100,000 Lafayette Park Renovation

For a grand Total of $654,500

I did provide comments for the records on the ideas that individuals have brought to my attention through going door-to-door and responses on my website. First recommendation is funding for the Salem Common Fence. Jane Guy commented that the fence will be part of this year’s funding. This is great news and right direction towards the goal of full restoration of the fence.   The amount will be revealed when the plan is submitted to the City Council next year.

The other items was restoration of the bubbler at the Salem Common playground which was submitted by a resident on Andrew Street.  Finally. I addressed the concerns that the residents on Conner Road stated regarding previous CPA money utilized to restore Collins Cove park.  They suggested that the City repair the existing seawall before money is spent on the park (note CPA money cannot be utilized for maintenance).  I understand the residents concerns that protecting the improvements should start with addressing the problems of the seawall. If elected, I will continue to advocate for repairs to the sea wall in the Conners Road area.

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