Dear Ward 2 Voter

Regarding the Bridge Street Neck Forum,   I unfortunately will not be attending this event.   I have continuously informed the organizers as well as my opponent of this for the past month.   As I informed the organizers, I have a work obligation that has been scheduled for several months.   I am sorry if you were planning on attending under these false pretenses.

The organizers refused to cancel or participate with the other neighborhood associations in hosting an inclusive forum.  You should know that the other neighborhood associations SCNA, FNSA and HESNA held a forum on October 3rd which was moderated by Representative Paul Tucker.  The Bridge Street Neck Association was asked to participate but refused.  Instead, they said they needed to have their own forum.

I am working hard to be your ward councillor.  If I haven’t already spoken with you when going door to door or by phone, please feel free to reach out to me.   I am very interested in your concerns and issues.  I can be reached at or call 978-744-3182.

The Ward 2 October 3rd forum is airing on SATV

Salem Evening News Covered the October 3rd forum –

Thank you,
Mary Usovicz
Candidate for Ward 2

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