About Mary Usovicz

Mary Usovicz’s extensive career includes her network of associates and extensive body of work. Communities and corporations alike appreciate these contributions, however, their significance lies in her ability to implement these longstanding relationships and her experience. A dedicated member of Salem Massachusetts’ community, Mary Usovicz will be working for your vote as Ward 2 Councillor.  Mary has a 30 year career as a Massachusetts’ government relations and regulatory affairs worker.

One may not immediately correlate Mary’s experience within government with her Vice Presidency within a major energy corporation for 25 years. The similarities of these two pillars in her outstanding career are readily understood upon reading one of her publications. A great example (and an excellent thesis) can be read here.  In this publication, Mary outlines the success of a new project and the necessity of community engagement, with a major emphasis on social media.

Mary Usovicz demonstrates her cognizance in regard to sociocultural movements, current events and the digitization of the many industries that comprise our economy. A vote for Mary Usovicz for Ward II Councillor in Massachusetts is a vote for our own voice. As Ward Councillor, Mary will continue to devote her time, intellect and resources to matters impacting our local communities.

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